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Bettina Arndt Motivational Keynote Speaker

Bettina Arndt
After over thirty-five years on the professional speaking circuit, Bettina Arndt knows all about keeping an audience riveted. She has spoken to audiences all over the world and is renowned for her engaging, humorous and informative talks. Bettina is the real thing, after years working in the media talking about sex and her work as a sex therapist, she has become generic, a brand of her own - rather like soap powder.

Also speaks about: Why fatherhood has become a risky business, How sex taught me to think like a man, The marriage market.

"The National Bus Industry Conference was our biggest yet. Bettina's involvement not only attracted people to attend the Conference but was a key drawcard on the day and provided a welcome humorous but serious presentation on a subject everyone could relate to - SEX. A great way to start the day."

Bus Industry Confederation

For more information: http://bettinaarndt.com.au










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