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John Close Motivational Keynote Speaker

John Close
John’s is an emotional and powerful presentation that holds audiences spellbound as he tells his family’s story. You will better understand your responsibilities as a road user, and you will hug and tell every member of your family how much you love them after hearing what happened to this family.




Also speaks about: ‘Carmen’s Road Safety’ secondary schools, ‘You never know what’s around the corner’ corporate, ‘Cuddle your children every day’ family and corporate .

"You can 'hear a pin drop' as John takes you on his journey, and it’s a journey that must be seen and heard to be believed and John’s presentation, including his delivery style, is the most powerful presentation on this topic you will find anywhere."

Bernie Squire - Business Manager at Wodonga Chamber of Commerce


For more information: www.johnmaher.com.au










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